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Basildon Commercial Bollard Installation | Telescopic Bollard

A commercial installation completed in Basildon, Essex.

Following a spate of thefts and attempted thefts from nearby units, the client contacted Essex Bollards in order to install a bollard directly in front of the existing shutter.

Telescopic bollards offer a simple and cost effective solution to vehicle and ram raid attacks, by placing a physical barrier in front or behind of the existing shutters or gates.

Placing the bollard in front of the shutters – as was utilised at this job in Basildon – provides a clear visual deterrent to any attempted ram raidings.

The locks used in all the bollards we supply are anti tamper and anti drill.

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I spoke to Paul at Essex Bollards about installing some Telescopic Posts for a Car Park which I had particular problems with people parking in my spaces and said a Sunday installation would be best. This was not a problem and the guys turned up at 8 in the morning and did a wonderful job, cant recommend these guys enough for there help and professionalism.

Mark Kirby Business Owner Essex

Why install commercial bollards in Basildon, Essex?

With the recent rise in commercial property and vehicle thefts, installing bollards at your premises can be a cost effective method to secure your site.

As the telescopic bollards we supply all come with internal locking mechanisms, there is no need for padlocks and other cumbersome locking mechanisms making the bollards simple and easy to use for multiple staff and key holders.

Telescopic bollards offer a excellent physical and visual deterrent for multiple types of theft.

As the bollard itself is stored underground when not in use, it does not impact vehicular access or present a trip hazard to staff and customers.

How much does bollard installation cost in Basildon, Essex?

All of the bollard installations undertaken by Essex Bollards are individually priced.

The simplest way to obtain a quote is to contact us directly on 01375 767876.

We can then run through a short set of questions and either provide a quote immediately or organise a site visit.

Depending on the type and number of bollards required, we can usually install within 2 days of the initial enquiry, although this can vary.